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English Language
 Reading scheme
To help S1 students build up their reading habits, the English Department and the Library are going to conduct a reading pilot scheme which will last for a month. Under this scheme, we hope that students can have more varieties in choosing the books and they can exchange them with their classmates later on. Please note:
In the box,  teacher will find:
  1. 40 English books graded from L1 to L6. (N. B. L1: elementary L6: most advanced)
  2. 8 rubber bands for binding the books
  3. 50 bookmarks printed in colour paper.
In the classroom,  teacher can help us:
  1. Explain the scheme to the class (e.g. How long it will take)
  2. Take out the books which have been kept in the first locker of your classroom.
  3. Distribute the books to the students. In the first lesson, you can let the students choose the books themselves, or you assign them to read different books.
  4. Remind your students to put their names on the bookmarks.
  5. Tell the student to start reading. Encourage them to bring dictionaries and reading journals so that they can complete the journals in the lesson time.
  6. When the bell rings, tell the students to put the bookmark in the books that they are reading, pass them forward and bind them together. It is easier for the students to get their books back on the following day.
  7. Remember to keep the books in the locker.
  8. Books will be collected and returned to the library at the end of each month.
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