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2C-D Unit 1 Dictation
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S2 (C&D) English

Dictation 1


Part A: 30 marks

Part B: 70 marks

Name: ____________________(  )

Class: ______________________


A.    Vocabulary (30 marks, 3@)

Your teacher will read out the following words for you. You have to spell the words and write down their Chinese meanings for self reference.


1.        shopaholic


2.        bakery


3.        convenience store


4.        a variety of


5.        cosmetics


6.        ice-skating rink


7.        accessories


8.        photo frames


9.        sportswear


10.    particularly




B.      Seen Passage (70 marks, 2@)

(Deduct 2 marks for each misspelled word and 1 mark for each punctuation mistake.)

Take a walk in the Bird Garden and admire the many types of colourful birds on display. Also worth visiting is the nearby Flower Market. The Flowers here are fresher than anywhere else in Hong Kong!

For those more interested in technology, visit Mongkok Computer Centre for great deals on computers, electronics, games and DVDs. (56 words)


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