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Today: 2024-06-19

20240507 Book Sharing by Ms Wan 2024-05-23 

Book Sharing by Ms. Wan


Good morning everyone.


As we all know, ghosts are scary and sinister. They always creep into people’s houses and frighten them. However, have you ever heard of ghosts that are powerless because of humans?


Sir Simon de Canterville is such ghost who murdered his wife and became a ghost after his mysterious death. His lot is to haunt the mansion until the prophecy is fulfilled, which can free him and let him die. But, in fact, the American Ambassador, Mr Otis and his family kept bedeviling him.


The Otis family bought Canterville Chase even though people were warning that he was doing a dangerous thing. But they were not worried about sharing their new home with a ghost. They thought it was quite amusing even when they cleaned the bloodstain from the library floor every day and it appeared again the next morning.


Simon wanted to show his influence over the family. However, Mr Otis was not disturbed at all and even gave him a lubricator to oil his chains. The twins also played terrible tricks on him. He hated the Otis family for their materialism and their American way of life. What would he do? How could he frighten these awful Americans away like what other ghosts do?


While the story is primarily humorous, the conclusion delivers the message about the significance of faith and of love. If you want to know what happened next to the ghost, you must borrow The Canterville Ghost from the school library.


Hope you will enjoy reading The Canterville Ghost, thank you.

 20240507 Book Sharing by Ms Wan
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20240423 Book Sharing by Ms Wan 2024-05-23 

Book Sharing

by Ms. Wan


Good morning, everyone.

Thanks to the societal development, it’s much easier for us to get a chance to study in college nowadays, but it’s hard to study in college for a girl who has little money. Can you imagine if you were an orphan growing up in an orphan asylum, how difficult would your life be?

Jerusha, the main character of Daddy-Long-Legs created by Jean Webster, is one of such girls. Fortunately, she is funded to go to college anonymously by an orphanage trustee, and the condition of the support is that she needs to write a letter to the trustee once a month to report her study and life, but she shall never expect to get any replies. She shares her happiness and sorrow in those letters, and Daddy-Long-Legs is exactly the name of the trustee called by Jerusha in her letters as the only information she knew about him is that he is tall.

This book is mainly about the letters Jerusha wrote and tells a story about how an orphan girl like her grows up against all odds. This book is quite unique as it’s different from most fictions by using letters but not dialogues to tell the story.

If you want to know more about what happened to Jerusha, you must borrow Daddy-Long-Legs form the school library to better understand friendship, love and growth.

Hope you can find joy when reading Daddy-Long-Legs. Thank you.


 20240423 Book Sharing by Ms Wan
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20240305 News Sharing by Ms Yung 2024-03-05 

News Sharing-Municipal Solid Waste Charging

by Ms. Yung

Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow classmates.  This is Ms. Yung here.  Today, I am delighted to have an opportunity to speak to you about the upcoming municipal solid waste charging scheme (MSW).


To be in line with the ‘polluter-pays’ principle, the government has introduced the Scheme to deal with all wastes deposed of by residential and non-residential premises.  MSW charging covers the following waste: domestic, commercial and industrial waste.


There is an urgent need to put the aforementioned scheme in place because our three existing landfills are expected to be filled up in the coming years.  Moreover, MSW charging is an effective policy tool to drive enterprises and the public to practise waste reduction and recycling. 


The goal of the Scheme is to move away from reliance on landfills in the long run and achieve ‘Zero Landfill’ by developing adequate waste-to-energy facilities in around 2035. 


According to the Scheme, there are two charging modes.  The first mode is charging by designated bags and designated labels.  That means we have to pack all the rubbish with bags provided or bags stuck with labels provided.  The second mode is charging by weight through ‘gate-free’.


The government has announced the latest schedule about how to put the Scheme into practice.  As a responsible citizen, it is our duty to learn more about the details of the Scheme and get used to the habit of recycling and waste reduction. 


If you would like to know more about the details of the Scheme, it is suggested that you google ‘MSW’ and get more updates about the Scheme.


This is the end of my sharing.  Thank you.


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