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Today: 2023-12-11

20231128 Book Sharing by Ms. Sek 2023-11-28 

Book Sharing 28/11/2023

 Good morning principal, teachers and fellow students,


Today I would like to ask you a question. What were you doing when you were nine years old? I guess most of you had to go to school. Still, you could have free time to play with your friends. You always have enough food to eat.


However, the nine-year-old orphan Oliver Twist had a different life. He grew up in an orphanage. He had never been to school nor had enough food to eat every day.


One day the boys there came up with a plan. Oliver was the unlucky one chosen to ask for more food. He was punished, locked up and beaten, waiting for more hardship in front of him.


What happens to Oliver then? Will he live or die?


This novel is called Oliver Twist. It was written by Charles Dickens in 1838. You can know more about the livelihood of the poor in London in the 19th century, as well as the dark and bright side of humanity.


The simplified version of the book is available in our school library. Start reading today!


 20231128 Book Sharing by Ms. Sek
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20231031 Moring Sharing (LiveABC SmartPen) by Ms. Man 2023-11-03 

Good morning Principal, fellow teachers and students.

How many languages do you speak? Do you find learning a new language challenging and fun? I admire people who would challenge themselves to study a new language in their spare time. However, is there any gadget that supports you to learn at your convenience? There is an ABC Corner at our school library that you can borrow books of different languages like Korean, Japanese and English. With the help of a LiveABC SmartPen, you can listen to the audio clips and learn the pronunciations of different vocabulary items and even sentences. I listened to the audio recordings of a book called Aesop’s fables and other stories.

Why do I take the book Aesop’s fables as an example? You maybe told to read more books when you asked your teachers how you could do better in your English quizzes. Yes, you don’t have to read a novel at the early stage. Consider reading articles and proses first. You’d find fables and stories more attractive and comprehensible. They taught me some valuable lessons which were inspiring and humorous. Use a LiveABC SmartPen to read some pages during lunchtime every day. You will benefit a lot. There’s the old saying everyone’s familiar with "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Visit the ABC Corner today, make good use of the user-friendly gadget, the LiveABC SmartPen.

 20231031 Moring Sharing (LiveABC SmartPen) by Ms. Man
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Sharing 24 Oct 23_Living as a Refugee 2023-10-27 

Living as a Refugee

From Afghanistan to a new life in America

by Louise Armstrong

Ms Yan Yan Cecilia CHOI (24th October 2023)



Library Code: F

ARM E002331

Good morning, principal, fellow teachers and students. This is Miss YY Choi. In these two years, there has been a lot of political and military strife in the world. In February 2022, a war broke out between Russia and Ukraine; about two weeks ago, a war broke out between Hamas and Israel. During wartime, some people stay and fight for their country, and some leave their countries for peace and safety.   These people are called refugees. Recently, I have come across a book from the library. The title is Living As A Refugee From Afghanistan to a new life in America written by Louise Armstrong.


Louise Armstrong wrote about an Afghan boy called Mohamed Nazari. Mohamed was about the same age as you. He was fifteen when the book was written. He was born in Afghanistan, and he went to settle in the United States of America at thirteen. Before he moved to the States, he had lived in exile in different countries. First, he went to Pakistan, then, he went to Iran and then Turkey.


Why did his family want to leave and lead an unstable life for years? It was because the danger he faced in his home country, Afghanistan. His home country was one of the poorest countries in the world. Many people had no food to eat. Mohamed’s father was an assistant to a truck driver and one day he went to work, but he didn’t come back home. Mohamed’s mother found living in Afghanistan was getting more and more difficult. At that time, families were robbed and killed. Mohamed’s mother decided to take Mohamed, his sister and brother to leave the country. Mohamed was about six or seven years old at that time. His grandparents refused to leave the country. They said they were too old to go anywhere. Mohamed later saw his grandparents’ heads cut off by terrorists.


There was a lot of danger on their escape path. First Mohamed and his family went to Pakistan.   Then, after a month, they were in a car to Iran, but Iranian soldiers stopped them and shot their tyres out. They got out of their car and hid underground. After several hours, they got out and ran and ran. Mohamed’s mother was sick and tired. Mohamed carried his mother on his back for part of the way. After five days and five nights, they reached Iran. Luckily, an old Iranian woman offered them shelter and a cleaning job for Mohamed’s mother. Unfortunately, the old lady later died. Mohamed and his family went to Turkey where they looked for the United Nations to help them.


When Mohamed was thirteen years old, he was given a visa to move to the United States. He had been a refugee for six to seven years. Being a refugee is not easy and it is especially disruptive for a child’s education. He was about Primary one when he left Afghanistan and when he was Form One, he settled in the US.   He did not receive any primary school education. Boys and girls, don’t expect Mohamed could receive a proper education during these six years of being a refugee.    He didn’t go to school in Afghanistan. In Iran, he only went to first grade for one and a half years. Later, Mohamed could not go to school because he had no passport, and he did not have money to study. Only some Afghans started teaching them how to read at home.   Mohamed did not learn with any ipads, he did not have any PE lessons, he did not have the chance of going to school picnic days like you last Friday, he did not have any chances to take part in Talent Shows.


Boys and girls, you may ask, why should we care as refugees are so far away, they do not seem to be near us. In fact, there are refugees in Hong Kong. Perhaps you haven’t had a chance to meet them. But there is something that you can do after you have read the book. There are two concerns I would like you to pay attention to.


First you should keep yourself informed of the issues.   Watch the television news, read newspapers or international websites to know the difficulties refugees face. You could

write or email the UN Seceretary to urge them to take more action to provide support and safety to refugees. Make a donation to a registered charity which helps refugees like the UNHCR, UNICEF or the Red Cross.





Second, I hope you will have more understanding about people coming from another country living in Hong Kong. There is much struggle that they may have undergone or they are undergoing. Show them your respect and acceptance of people from elsewhere. They have left their home countries, and it is not easy living in a foreign place. They are also struggling to live and contribute to Hong Kong. Be friendly and understanding whenever you meet someone that is not a Hongkonger. Thank you.

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