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2C-D Unit 2 Dictation
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S2 C&D English

Unit 2 Arts for all!

Dictation 4


Part A: 30 marks

Part B: 70 marks



Name: ____________________(  )


Class: ______________________

A.    Vocabulary (30 marks)

10 vocabulary items will be included in the dictation.  (3 marks for each correct spelling)

Your teacher will read out the following words for you.  You have to spell the words and write down their Chinese meanings for self reference.


1.      advanced (adj)


2.      memorable (adj)


3.      technique (n)


4.      magical (adj)


5.      lecturer (n)


6.      horrible (adj)


7.      frame (v)


8.      drag down (phr v)


9.      audience (n)


10.  grin (v)



B.     Memorised Passage (70 marks)

(Deduct 2 marks for each misspelled word and 1 mark for each punctuation mistake.)

We enjoyed the course about painting and photography. We had to take a night photo. I walked over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and around the city centre. I took dozens of photos. It was amazing to look up at the bridge.   

                                                         (41 words)


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