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十週年校慶主題曲 10th Anniversary Theme Song Posted by: 潘藝珺   Date: 2012-11-21 13:57
<Flying High>
Composer: Chow Kwan Ki
Musical arranger: Marco Wen
Lyrics: Simon Peter Ho

We cherish all the time we spend in school where learning is most precious

These memories will always stay with us forever anywhere we go

In times when we don't understand you were patient and showed us where to go

You always give us all your love and help us to grow with joy

**You have shown us how to give, you have shown us what is wisdom

You have taught us how to love, with respect we show each other

We were young before but now it's time to fly

No matter times were bad or good, you helped us through

Through the winter, into springtime, you were there to guide us

Now our lives will never be the same 


 十週年校慶主題曲 10th Anniversary Theme Song