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Stuent handbook
 Tropical cyclones and heavy persistent rain arrang
  • In the event of topical cyclones and heavy persistent rain, parents and guardians should listen to radio or television announcements. The Education Bureau(EDB) will make public announcement on the closure of schools or other relevant measures. Public announcements will be made before 6:15a.m. if possible and will be announced repeatedly over radio and television.
  • If a Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above is issued when students are on their way to school, our school classes will be suspended, students should return home under safe conditions. Otherwise, they should stay in a safe place.
  • If Rainstorm Signal RED or BLACK is issued between 6:15a.m. and 8:00a.m., classes will be suspended. Students arriving at school should stay at school or return home under safe conditions. Otherwise, they should stay in a safe place. The school premises will be open. Contingency plans will be taken and teachers will be at school to look after the students arriving and safe and proper arrangements will be made for these students to return home at an appropriate time.
  • If it is known that there is an adverse situation of inclement weather during lesson time, the EDB announced over radio and television the immediate closure of schools, students will remain in school instead of returning home immediately. The school will have contingency plans. Students will continue their lessons until the last period, or return home under safe conditions.
  • In exceptional circumstances, the EDB may announce the closure of schools in only one or just a few districts. Students living in these districts should not go to school even if their schools are located elsewhere.