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 Academic Curriculum

Academic Curriculum


The academic curricula of SFCC are structured according to the Key Learning Areas (KLA) as stipulated by the Education Bureau (EDB). SFCC academic curricula include Chinese Language and English Language, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Personal, Social & Humanities, Arts and Physical Education. Additionally, we have a weekly Values Education period in Junior Forms and a Life Planning period in Senior Forms to strengthen students’ moral values, ethics and develop their life planning.

English Empowerment

To enhance English learning and facilitate students’ use of English in their HKDSE electives, a Language Across the Curriculum period is conducted weekly in Junior Forms and an individual English oral lesson is arranged in each class to maximize students’ application of English. Three Native English-speaking teachers (NETs) are teaching our students in 2023-2024 and we are planning to recruit more NETs in the coming years.

Medium of Instruction (MOI)

Our school is a bi-literate and trilingual school. We use Putonghua as the medium of instruction and English in specific subjects in junior forms. Science and Computer Literacy are taught in English in junior forms while Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Information and Communication Technology in senior forms provide options in both English and Chinese for students in their HKDSE.

Junior Form

Secondary 1-3: Students are streamed into four classes (A to D). Classes A and B have one set of English textbooks while Classes C and D use another set of textbooks. Students in classes A and B are expected to achieve a higher level of reading, writing, listening and speaking competency.

Senior Form

Secondary 4-6: Students are streamed into four classes. Classes A and B have small-group teaching in Chinese Language and English Language so as to equip the students with stronger language proficiency for their HKDSE. Students choose at least two electives in Form Four. The top quartile of the whole form is eligible to take three electives in Form Four. Students can take one Applied Learning course in Form Five to replace one of their original electives.