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Stuent handbook
 Exam regulations
  • When class suspension has been announced by the Education Bureau due to special circumstances (e.g. typhoon, black rainstorm signal), tests and examinations on that day will be postponed. The new date will be confirmed afterwards. Tests and examination on the first day after the suspension period will be held as scheduled.
  • Candidates should be punctual in attending school tests and examinations according to the timetable. Late comers should obtain permission from the invigilating teacher before entering the classroom or the venue of the examination. Extra time will not be offered to late comers.
  • Candidates should take their seats according to the seating plan. If students are taking the test or examination in the classroom, they should place their personal belongings, books and notes according to teacher’s instructions. If it is in the school hall, they should put their personal belongings and other materials under the chair.
  • Candidates should put all necessary stationery on the table and put their pencil cases or bags under the chair. During the period of the test or examination, candidates should not borrow anything from other candidates.
  • Candidates should try their best to complete all the questions on the paper. Cheating will be liable to punishment and the candidate may risk a mark penality.
  • During the test or examination, students must not leave early without teacher’s permission.
  • Students should stop writing when the teacher announces that “time is up” and students should hand in the answer scripts and leave the venue according to the teacher’s instructions.
  • Students who are unable to take test or examination because of illness or special circumstances should notify the school of sick leave before 8 a.m. on the day of test or examintation. Supporting documents (e.g. medical certificates) must be submitted once they resume school or the application will not be accepted. In case the application is accepted, the scores in the particular paper will be assessed in accordance with students' results in previous uniform tests, examinations or other assessments. However, nither the subject awards nor ranking will be given to students.