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Dress code of school uniform
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 Dress Code of school uniform

In order to cultivate proper school culture and be proud of my school, I must strive hard to comply with the followings:


  • wear plain-looking, fresh, clean and tidy school uniform, never be too trendy and wear accessories and make-up, neither tottoo nor put any pictures on the body. If it is necessary to wear some accessories for special reasons, e.g. religious reasons, parents / guardians should submit a written application in advance. Also, the approval certificate should be carried all the time so that teachers or prefects can check if needed.


  • hair should not be dyed, permed, and hair spray / gel / other styling should not be used. Hair length and hair style should comply with the school standard.


  • should wear the standardized school uniform. If attending special events organized by the school, students should wear tidy uniform with good appearance at any time, any places in school or outside school, including on the way back to school.