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Dear Parents/ Guardians,


1.   Current students of all forms are required to register for the new school year on 11th August, 2021 (Wednesday) at the School Hall.  The registration period is as follows:

- 9:00 am - 12:00 noon (upcoming S2, S3 and S4 students)

- 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm (upcoming S5 and S6 students)

Students must wear proper summer school uniforms. Coach services will be available (please refer to Annex 1).

2.   Summer holiday homework has been assigned to students for self-study at home during the holiday (please refer to Annex 2).  T. H. Lee Book Co. Ltd. will set up a counter at our College from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on 25th June, 2021 (Friday) so that S1 to S5 students can purchase summer holiday exercise books (please refer to Annex 3).  Students are reminded to bring the correct amount of money for the purchase. Alternatively, you can make purchases at any other bookstores.

3.   Except for students promoting to S4, booklists for students promoting to S2 to S6 will be distributed in early July. If you would like to place an advance order, you are required to fill in the online order form by 19th July, 2021 (Monday).  The textbooks you ordered from T. H. Lee Book Co. Ltd. will be distributed on the Student Registration Day which is scheduled on 11th August, 2021 (Wednesday).  Alternatively, you may purchase textbooks at any other bookstores.

4.   On 11th August, 2021 (Wednesday), the class-streaming arrangement and elective allocation results (if applicable) for upcoming S2 to S6 students will be announced.  For upcoming S4 students, booklists will be distributed on that day and advance order of textbooks can be made after filling in the online order form on or before 16th August, 2021 (Monday). Upcoming S4 students will receive the ordered textbooks from T. H. Lee Book Co. Ltd. on 2nd September, 2021 (Thursday).

5   The class-based textbook lists will be distributed to upcoming S2, S3 and S5 to S6 students on 11th  August, 2021 (Wednesday), the Student Registration Day. Students should bring the money to purchase the class-based textbooks from T. H. Lee Book Co. Ltd. on 2nd September, 2021 (Thursday)

6.   Should there be any class suspension announcements made by the Education Bureau due to adverse weather or other reasons, the above-mentioned activities shall be postponed or rescheduled. For details, please refer to the updates posted on our school’s website.

Please complete and return the attached reply slip to the class teachers on 16th June, 2021 (Wednesday). Thank you for your kind attention.

Yours faithfully,



S.K. Ng





-          上午九時至中午十二時 (升中二、升中三及升中四同學)

-          下午一時三十分至四時 (升中五及升中六同學)



二﹒為讓同學於暑假期間在家自學鞏固學業,本校教師特為各級同學準備各項暑期課業(詳見附件二)。教科書供應商天利行將於月二十五日(星期)上午九時至下午一時正到校設攤位,方便中一至中五同學購買暑期作業(詳見附件三)。各位家長可於當天著 貴子弟帶同有關款項回校購買作業,亦可自行到其他書局購買。










  請各位家長填妥下列回條,並著 貴子弟於六月十六日星期三交回班主任。




  吳少祺 謹啟