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20-21 第三十九號通告

Dear Parents/ Guardians,



        Various recreational and extended learning activities will be organized for students during the post-examination period. The details are as follows:

1.      Examination papers of all subjects will be distributed to the students on 24th June to 25th June (Thursday and Friday respectively). Teachers will discuss the exam papers with students.

2.      Post-examination activities will be held from 28th June (Monday) to 9th July (Friday) inclusive (please refer to Annex 1 for details). Post-examination days are part of the normal school days, so students must attend school as usual. Any absence without proper notification will be considered as truancy.

3.      The Annual Speech Day (for Form 6 graduates) will be held on 5th July (Monday). All F.1 to F.5 students do not need to attend the Annual Speech Day.

4.      The End-of-year Prize-giving Ceremony will be held in our School Hall on 12th July (Monday). F.1 to F.5 students are required to arrive at school by 8:05 a.m. or earlier. School academic report cards will be distributed after the Ceremony.   

5.      Should there be any announcement of class suspension made by the Education Bureau due to bad weather or other reasons, the above mentioned events shall be postponed or rescheduled. For details, please kindly refer to announcements posted on our school website.

Please complete and return the attached reply slip to the class teacher on 22nd June, Tuesday. Thank you for your kind attention.


Yours faithfully,




S. K. Ng









. 六月二十四日(星期四)至六月二十五日(星期五)派發各科試卷,並作試題的分析及討論。

. 六月二十八日(星期一)至七月九日(星期五)進行試後活動,各級安排詳列於附件一。校方所安排之試後活動為校園生活的一部分,同學不得無故缺席。

. 七月五日(星期一)舉行本校畢業典禮,中一至中五同學無須出席(服務生除外)。

. 七月十二日(星期一)舉行本學年結業禮,結業禮之後將派發本學年之成績表。中一


. 如遇教育局因天氣或其他事故宣佈學校停課,以上活動將會順延舉行或另作安排。



    謹請  貴家長填妥下列回條,並著 貴子弟於六月二十二日(星期二)回班主任。