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21-22 第14號通告

Dear S.1-S.6 Parents/ Guardians,




        In order to assess our students’ academic performance and to consolidate their learning, the First Term Test is scheduled from 3rd November (Wednesday) to 8th November (Monday) inclusive. 

        Should your child be absent from school on any day during the test period for reasons of sickness or special reasons, you have to notify the school by phone before 8:00 a.m. that day. Students have to submit relevant supporting documents on the first day they return to school. Any supporting documents received later than the first day the student return to school will not be accepted. If the application is accepted, the School will give a statistically assessed mark for the subject the student was absent from based on their results in previous uniform test(s)/ examination(s)/ other assessment(s).


        The timetable of the First Term Test and the syllabus of each subject are attached for your reference. Please remind your child to work hard for the Test and return the completed reply slip to the class teachers on 5th October, 2021 (Tuesday).

        Thank you for your kind attention.


Yours faithfully,


S. K. Ng







為了評估同學的學習表現,鞏固其學習成果,本校定於十一月三日(星期三)至十一月八日(星期一)舉行本學年第一學期測驗。如學生在測驗當天因病或特別事故缺席,須於早上八時前致電回校請假。學生應在復課後的第一天主動提交有關證明文件予校方審批,逾期恕不受理。有關申請如獲校方接納,校方將根據統計學的方法以該生的統一測驗 / 考試 / 其他評核成績來估算缺考的科目分數。


隨函附上測驗時間表及測驗範圍,敬請  閣下督促  貴子弟努力溫習,並填妥下列回條,於十月五日(星期二)交回班主任存查。